Quality Program

The Bitcoin SV project assures its commitment to stringent quality with several measures.

First, the team has implemented best practice change management processes, and has engaged external QA expertise from security-sensitive industries to monitor and audit these processes. Furthermore, the Bitcoin SV project has commissioned a dedicated QA team consisting of a QA manager and three dedicated QA Engineers responsible for the development and maintenance of test environments as well as performing, documenting and approving all changes.

Second, the project has engaged the services of an industry-leading blockchain security audit firm. This outside team will serve two purposes:

1. Complete a full security audit of the Bitcoin SV code base.  This audit will cover not only the code itself but also development practices and processes to assist in building the most robust node development team in the industry.

2. Provide ongoing review and threat analysis of all code changes as and when they are submitted as candidates.

Third, the Bitcoin SV project will offer a generous bug bounty program (funded by CoinGeek) to motivate and mobilize security researchers around the world to find and report security vulnerabilities.  With input from expert service providers in the field, the Bitcoin SV team is developing an industry best practice “Responsible Disclosure Program.” Bounties are dependent on bug criticality with the highest severity attracting a bounty of USD $100,000 (payable in Bitcoin Cash).

The Responsible disclosure policy can be found here along with PGP key details.