Development Team

The Bitcoin SV team has been assembled with a view to realizing industry best practices, in order to deliver and maintain a full-node implementation with an unprecedented commitment to quality assurance and stability.

The Lead Developer is Daniel Connolly, who joined nChain after 20 years in enterprise systems and held senior IT positions with various United Nations agencies. Daniel contributed anonymously to Bitcoin for several years, has contributed to the Electron Cash project, and is a primary contributor to the BitcoinJ-Cash project.

Steve Shadders will act as Technical Director, providing project oversight and liaison with sponsors and industry participants. Steve began contributing to Bitcoin in 2011, authoring one of the first open-source mining-pool engines and was one of the earliest contributors to BitcoinJ.


In addition, the Bitcoin SV team has a pool of five full time C++ developers with over 95 collective years of development experience. An external partner is providing the services of two additional senior C++ developers.

The QA team consists of a QA manager and three dedicated QA Engineers responsible for the development and maintenance of test environments as well as performing, documenting, and approving all changes.

Additional support and management services are provided by nChain’s Project Management office and Business Services unit.

The project team is looking to hire additional C++ developers with either direct Bitcoin experience or infrastructure experience. Applicants are invited to submit their expression of interest to [email protected]